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Hiring an Electrician

Electrical work is very black and white because it has to be done according to national standards. When hiring an electrician, it’s extremely important to research companies or individuals and ask the right questions. Consider these things before hiring to ensure you find a qualified professional that will get the job done right.

-Are they licensed?

In most states, electricians are required to obtain a license before practicing. A valid license covers the installation, alteration, or repair of wiring-related electrical material and equipment used in the generating, transmitting, or utilization of electrical energy less than six hundred volts. In South Carolina, one can obtain an Electrical Residential License or a Mechanical Contractors License to practice residential or commercial construction respectively.

-What kind of experience or training do they hold?

Most electricians specialize in certain areas so its important to know where this person has their prior experience and how much. Based on the work you need done, choose someone who has specialized in that area or one similar for at least 2 years.

-Who does the work?

Its important not to assume that the person you are contacting is the one who will be performing the work. The individual(s) working on your project should be the ones with the qualifications we discussed above.

-What does the estimate include?

In order to know exactly what you will be paying for, ask what their estimate will include. You don’t want to pay for a service you think will be performed and find out later that it will cost you much more or get hit with extra fees.

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